Super duper sobrang late na post. Hahaha. 😂 Weeks or days na ‘to, ngayon lang naalala. 😂

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Marie Lu’s #TheYoungElites. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOON. ☺️😄👊

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#OnTheRise Nakakamiss na talaga works mo, Felise! 😭😥😫

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On the Rise. ☺️

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"You can’t prepare for a hurricane you didn’t even know was coming in the first place." #TheLonelyNotes Fifteenth Note. To say, ito ang isa sa mga pinakapaborito kong quote na naisulat ko. 😊

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And, y’know, kids dying.

Also…How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Also: Like me when I was 17.

Except I didn’t have a Hazel Lancaster or Jennifer Lawrence-type girlfriend. Or, for that matter, any type of girlfriend.

…or a dragon.

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I visited Amsterdam recently and took a little TFIOS tour! I started at the library where John wrote some of the book and then went on a hunt to find the places in the book and got to meet another Nerdfighter in the process! 

When I go to Amsterdam, I’ll be doing this.

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"There are some battles you need to fight alone." #TeenClash2

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"Please don’t make this harder for me, Ayu." #TeenClash2

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